Digital Marketing and Communications Management


This course is carefully designed to prepare communication students, young graduates, and communication practitioners for the ever-changing and more demanding roles of Content Managers, Communication Officers, Social Media Marketers, Communications & Media Coordinators, etc.


Certificates are awarded after successful completion of the course and a short assessment.


The one certainty about the future of communication is that it will be uncertain. The basic roles of communication practitioners keep changing that the ordinary curriculum and classroom lessons do not catch up with.

Digital Marketing and communications have been so powerful that no business can stand the test of time without leveraging the opportunities it offers. It has many channels that could be used in different ways to achieve different marketing goals. Organizations now demand more than the academic curriculum or the classrooms can provide.

With over 60% discount for early applicants, seize your spot in this ever-growing digital space and be different.
We have put together amazing topics as part of the Digital Communications Bootcamp to prepare you for the ever-changing communication field.

This course is carefully designed to prepare communication students, young graduates, and communicators for positions such as; Content Manager, Communication Officer, Social Media Marketer, Communications & Media Coordinator etc.

This 3-day course explores several aspects of the new digital marketing environment, including topics such as development, implementation, and management of social media strategy, digital marketing analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing etc.

Participants upon completion will earn familiarity with the unique opportunities and challenges presented by New Media.

This course also looks extensively at equipping participants with strategic marketing concepts and tools to address brand communication in a digital world.

This marriage between industry players and academia is to blur the line between practice and knowledge in equipping participants with skills needed to ably apply what is learned in real work situations.


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