Digital Marketing and Corporate Communications



One certainty about the future of communication is that it will be uncertain. As the social media revolution continues to accelerate, consumers are now in charge of your brand. We have been deep into the Age of the Consumer for some time, but the pandemic accelerated their takeover, putting them firmly in charge of 2022 and beyond. They want more personalized content. They want faster service. They want better experiences. And they want it all now. For your brand to survive, you will have to listen, and respond, to their demands.

All of these things bring new threats – and opportunities – to an organization’s brand, reputation, and survival. Apart from extending your brand’s reach to a vast majority of the internet audience and beyond, Digital Marketing promises a much better ROI than conventional marketing methods. This 5-weeks intensive training will provide you with effective communication strategies to promote innovation and enhance public awareness.

Why take this course

The basic roles of marketers and communication practitioners keep changing that the ordinary curriculum and classroom lessons do not catch up with. The Digital Marketing and Corporate Communications course familiarize you with emerging trends in the field of marketing and corporate communication. Our qualified and experienced facilitators will help sharpen your communication skills to leverage the power of the world’s most advanced platforms and tools to your competitive advantage.

Who Should Attend

This is an intermediate/advanced course designed for executives, senior managers, and middle managers interested in improving the way their organization communicates, both internally and externally.

It will appeal to communications professionals and practitioners currently working in a Corporate Communications department and who want to improve their contribution to the success of the business/ organization, or to those tasked with setting up a new Communications function.

Equally, this course would benefit professionals in other disciplines, including HR, PR, CSR, and Marketing, who recognize the role of Corporate Communications in engaging with customers, employees, and the wider community.


Certificates are awarded after successful completion of the course.


  • Dr. Modestus Fosu – Dean of the Faculty of Integrated Communication Science, Ghana Institute of Journalism, GIJ
  • Dr. Kobby Mensah – Senior Lecturer, University of Ghana Business School
  • Nii Ayiku Ayiku – Executive Council Member of The Institute of Public Relations (IPR) and Lecturer, UPSA
  • Nathaniel Alpha – Head of Social Media & Digital Innovation, Ministry of Information
  • Felix Baidoo – Corporate Communications, Guinness Ghana
  • Ken Awuku – Lawyer and  Lecturer, GIJ
  • Paulina Kuranchie – Communications Practitioner and Lecturer, GIJ
  • Martin Thompson Ntem – DW Akademie Media & Information Literacy Trainer and Lecturer, GIJ
  • Abraham Dzagbletey – Web Developer & Digital Marketer


What Will I Learn?

  • Set up an effective Corporate Communications function (including internal communications, media relations, and external communications), to ensure it adds value to your organization
  • Identify, map, and meet your stakeholders’ needs for Corporate Communications
  • Conduct a Communications Audit to capture current capabilities and future needs
  • Develop a Corporate Communications Strategy and Plan for your organization, which aligns to business fundamentals, captures stakeholder needs, and optimises the channels available to you
  • Manage difficult messages, including during times of organizational or industry change, crisis and reputation management, and handling customer complaints
  • Act as a Strategic Communications Business Partner, by understanding your role as a trusted advisor, the importance of personal influence, and the relationship between internal communications, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.
  • Apply different techniques and tools to implement an effective corporate communication program
  • Plan and execute corporate communication programs and campaigns internally and externally
  • Identify and utilize specialist areas in corporate communication
  • Employ corporate communication in new organizational developments
  • Adapt to various avenues of communication within the organization

Material Includes

  • Slides
  • Instructional Videos
  • PDFs
  • Weblinks

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Passion & Commitment
  • General Knowledge In Computing
  • Laptop (Optional) – A Smartphone with Internet Connections can be a good alternatives
  • A website, landing page or Facebook page that you want to send traffic to(Optional)
  • No prior experience with digital marketing required

Target Audience

  • Public Relations Professionals, Marketers, Communications Professionals etc.
  • Content Manager, Communication Officer, Social Media Marketer, Communications & Media Coordinator etc.
  • People who want to learn the basics of Digital Marketing
  • Small Business Owners who want to increase their sales and revenue through digital media
  • Entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of the world's most advanced advertising platforms to their competitive advantage